Welcome to the API documentation of onOffice enterprise. The data of many modules (addresses, properties, tasks, calendar etc.) can be read and written via API.

For example, you can display the current real estate offers from onOffice on your website, create your own useful apps with a data connection to onOffice or save your data from onOffice.

The initial connection to the onOffice API and the authentication process are described in detail under “First steps / API connection“.

The request URL for the stable API version, which is updated monthly, is The request URL for the latest API version is

The onOffice SDK is available on GitHub and can be downloaded there.

The onOffice API is available to all enterprise customers as a paid module. For the exact conditions please contact your sales contact at onOffice.

If you have any questions or problems with the API, please contact our support team. Feel free to contact us at or use our support form.