Search criteria fields

Resource type: searchCriteriaFields

With this API call all fields can be queried that are marked / selected as search criteria.


  • (none)

Request example

        "actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:get",
        "resourceid": "",
        "identifier": "",
        "resourcetype": "searchCriteriaFields",
        "parameters": []


  • name
    Name of the category
  • fields
    Array of JSON objects. List of fields in a category.

    • id
      Unique field key
    • name
      name of field
    • position
      Position of the field within the search criteria fields
    • type
      Type of field (data type, singleselect, multiselect)
      Special case “regionaler_zusatz” (Regional addition): limitExceeded, displayAll, displayLive
    • ko
      OPTIONAL. Field is marked as knockout criterion
    • mandatory
      OPTIONAL. Field is a mandatory field
    • rangefield
      OPTIONAL. Field has a value range (“from” – “to” field)
    • objektarten
      OPTIONAL. Field filter for property classes. Comma-separated “list” of the property classes for which the field is to be displayed
    • nutzungsarten
      OPTIONAL. Field filter for type of usage. Comma-separated “list” of the types of usage for which the field is to be displayed
    • vermarktungsarten
      OPTIONAL. Field filter for marketing method. Comma-separated “list” of marketing methods for which the field is to be displayed
    • values
      OPTIONAL. Only for type single- and multiselect. JSON object with individual key-value pairs
    • default
      OPTIONAL. Only for type single- und multiselect. Default value of the singleselect or multiselect values


elements: {
	name: "Flächen",
	fields: [
		id: "wohnflaeche",
		name: "Wohnfläche",
		position: "3",
		ko: "true",
		rangefield: "true",
		type: "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:dbAccess:dataType:float",
		objektarten: "wohnung,haus,waz,hallen_lager_prod,zimmer"