Generation of PDF exposés

Resource type: pdf

Herewith PDF-Exposés can be generated.


  • estateid
    Record ID of the linked estate
  • addressids
    Record IDs of the linked addresses
  • language
  • template
    Name of the template
  • gzcompress
    Compresses the returned data (possible values: true or false, default value: true).
  • forceEstateLocation
    Forces the output of street and house number in the Exposé (possible values: true or false, default value: false). If this parameter is set to false or is not specified, then the street and house number in the exposé will be based on the “Portale / Website / API” setting on the “Marketing” tab of an estate. For individual exposés from the PDFdesigner the PDFDesigner also has the setting “Straße/Hausnr. anzeigen” for the title page of an exposé with the options nie, wenn im Objekt freigegeben and immer.

See the onOffice online help for more information about the PDFdesigner. With the PDFdesigner you can individually create and edit your own PDF exposés.

Example: Generation of a PDF-Exposé



  • type
  • document
    base64-encoded binary data

The generated PDF document is compressed and delivered base64-encoded. The delivered data must still be processed as follows:

$binary = gzuncompress(base64_decode($data)); 

Is gzcompress set to false, i.e. the PDF document was not compressed,

$binary = base64_decode($data)

$data is the parameter document from the response.