Email links

Resource type: emailassignments

This can be used to retrieve address and property links with an email.


  • messageid
    Unique message ID of the email
  • uid
    Unique identifier of the email
  • folder
    Folder in which the email is located
  • emailidentity
    Email identity. Can only accept identities associated with the user in enterprise


"actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:get",
"resourceid": "",
"identifier": "",
"resourcetype": "emailassignments",
"parameters": {
	"messageid": "xxx",
	"uid": "123",
	"folder": "Posteingang",
	"emailidentity": ""


  • addressid
    Address ID
  • addresscustomerno
    Customer number (address)
  • addressfirstname
    First name (address)
  • addresssurname
    Surname (address)
  • addresscompany
    Company (address)
  • estateid
    Estate ID
  • estateexternalno
    External property number (estate)
  • estateowner
    Owner (estate)
  • estatestreet
    Street (estate)
  • estatecity
    City (estate)