Resource type: calendar

With this API call an appointment can be edited. The ID of the appointment to be edited has to be specified as resourceid. The default values for the appointment follow-up on the tab “Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> Automatization” for the appointment type are taken into account.


  • data
    OBJECT. The following information can be set when editing an appointment:

    • description: STRING. Appointment description
    • start_dt: STRING. Start of the appointment
    • end_dt: STRING. End of the appointment
    • art: STRING. Type of appointment
    • ganztags: BOOL. All-day appointment?
    • allowTransitTime: Enter transit time?
    • transitTime: STRING. Transit time. Time format: e.g. 00:30:00
    • transitTimePre: STRING. Transit time before the appointment. Time format: e.g. 00:30:00
    • transitTimePost: STRNG. Transit time after the appointment. Time format: e.g. 00:30:00
    • note: STRING. Notes on the appointment
    • abgesagt: BOOL. Sets appointment status on active or cancelled
    • status: STRING. Appointment status (Terminstatus). Possible values: active, completed, canceled, participantsAvailable. Overwrites the value abgesagt if both are specified in the same call.
    • private: BOOL. Private appointment?
    • erinnerung: STRING. Time of the appointment reminder before the appointment. Possible values are: 0 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours, 12 hours, 15 hours, 1 days, 2 days, 3 days, 1 weeks, 3 weeks
    • origin: STRING. Appointment imported via ICS?
    • ressources: ARRAY. Ressources of the appointment. All existing ressources are replaced with the given array. The values can be read out under “Extras >> Settings >> Administration >> Singleselect >> Modul: Calendar management, Field: ressources”
    • von: STRING. The user to be entered as the appointment creator at field “von” (creator). The username can be queried via Get users.
    • rp_flag: BOOLEAN. Set to TRUE, if the appointment is recurring.
    • rp_type: STRING. Repetition pattern: t for daily, w for weekly, m for monthly, j for yearly.
    • rp_tage: INTEGER. Repetition value: Between 1 and 999.
    • rp_beginn_datum: STRING. Start date with format YYYY-MM-DD.
    • rp_ende_datum: STRING. End date with format YYYY-MM-DD.
    • rp_ende_status: INTEGER. End status of series. Set to 1, if end date is set. Set to 2, if series is open ended.
    • rp_exception: STRING. Exception date for series with a preceded #. One exception #2024-05-28. Multiple exceptions: #2024-05-26#2024-05-28#2024-05-30
  • relatedAddressIds
    ARRAY. Address IDs to be linked with the appointment. IDs that are already linked before and are not in the array remain linked. To remove the old address links, set parameter replaceAddressIds to true.
  • replaceAddressIds
    BOOLEAN. This parameter specifies whether the transferred IDs should replace the existing ones. There are two cases: 1. add: The transferred address IDs in parameter relatedAddressIds are not yet linked, then the transferred address ID will be linked to the appointment. 2. remove: If the ID already linked to the appointment is not present in the passed address IDs in parameter relatedAddressIds, then the linked address ID will be removed from the appointment. That is, if no address IDs are passed at all, then all address IDs will be removed from the appointment.
  • relatedEstateId
    INTEGER. Estate ID to be linked with the appointment.
  • location
    OBJECT. Place of appointment (see below)
  • subscribers
    OBJECT. Participants. Can be users (users) or groups (groups).
  • reminderTypes
    ARRAY. Type of appointment reminder. Can accept the values email, popup or sms. For this purpose, the field erinnerung must also be set to a time with the parameter data.


    "actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:modify",
    "resourceid": "383",
    "identifier": "",
    "resourcetype": "calendar",
    "parameters": {
        "data": {
			"description":"Besichtigung beim Kunden",
            "start_dt": "2016-12-11 17:00:00",
            "end_dt" : "2016-12-11 18:00:00",
            "art" : "Besichtigung",
            "ganztags" : false,
            "note" : "das ist eine Notiz",
            "private" : false,
            "ressources": ["Konferenzraum", "Firmenfahrzeug"]
        "relatedAddressIds" : [1935, 1931],
        "relatedEstateId" :608,
        "location" : {"estate" : 608},
        "subscribers": {"users" : [14], "groups" : [172]}

and the options for the appointment location are

  • address: STRING
  • estate: STRING
  • user: STRING
  • group: STRING
  • mandant: BOOL. Customer / company
  • sonstiges: STRING. Other
  • customVideoUrl: STRING. Video conference
  • userMeetingUrl: INTEGER. Video conference from user / meeting link from user basic data. Value: user id
  • keine Angaben: STRING. Not specified

If you set the location of an user, group, address or estate that is not linked to the appointment, the location will be entered under sonstiges (other).

  "location" : { "address" : "5431"}

  "location" : { "estate" : "39"}

  "location" : { "user" : "21"}

  "location" : { "group" : "39"}

  "location" : { "mandant" : true}

  "location" : { "sonstiges" : "Testr.1, 52062 Aachen"}

  "location" : { "customVideoUrl" : ""}

  "location" : { "userMeetingUrl" : 17}

  "location" : {"keine Angaben": ""}