Main page for the API calls used for the onOffice marketplace. The onOffice Marketplace offers providers of real estate services the opportunity to offer their products within onOffice enterprise.

API user / parameter extendedclaim:

Your API user is present in every customer version so that you have read and write access to the onOffice enterprise version of your customers.

The user rights (e.g. which estates or addresses he is allowed to read) of the customer who orders in your shop must be observed by your API user. When the customer calls your service, a parameter "apiClaim" is therefore passed to you. You must then return this as parameter "extendedclaim" for all API calls. This serves to verify the transfer of the user ID and the customer version.

This parameter will soon be a mandatory entry in the context of the marketplace. Set this parameter if you use API calls in the context of the marketplace. You must set this parameter for all API calls that are listed on Please include this parameter in your API calls as soon as possible.

Explanation extendedclaim:
STRING. Mandatory for marketplace providers. Not relevant for all other users. To verify the user and customer which uses the marketplace return the “apiClaim” parameter from the service call as “extendedclaim”. The user and other rights of the calling customer are then observed by the marketplace provider API user.

Example: Read address data with extendedclaim

    "actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:read",
    "resourceid": "",
    "identifier": "",
    "resourcetype": "address",
    "parameters": {
        "data": [
        "filter": {
            "Vorname": [
                    "op": "=",
                    "val": "Max"
        "sortby": "Strasse",
        "sortorder": "DESC",
        "extendedclaim": "wvuYzNlafLh1KvHspI5D8dY4XO\/Qvi66QfHwIq2pJtHeYaIpLmWzQ+OdP180ZQdoF91QFlbp\/uXWfw+sgWmkV1WXyqy7a566Z6rsdFGYrbgDASf7eI0rTCFsP2+xEXqrzMf2WJ8t8dL+c0ss2eowWVrFOUUzaqQoh9k662oXOCYRwwvnXEy+7A8HzrI5CGcAy"

For detailed information on how to connect your store to the Marketplace, please refer to the technical marketplace documentation.
If errors occur during an order process in the store, error code and error texts are returned to the provider. This list can be found here.