Newsletter registration

Resource type: registerNewsletter

Carries out a newsletter registration and sets the field “Newsletter” in an address. You need to specify an address ID as resourceid.


  • register
    MANDATORY. Boolean.

    true sets the field “Newsletter” in an adress to “Yes” or “Double Opt-In pending”.

    In case the option “activate Double Opt-In” is active, true will set the field “Newsletter” to “Double Opt-In pending”.
    The receipient gets an email, where he can confirm the newsletter registration by clicking a link. For that, an email template containing the macro _Newsletterlink(doilink) must be set. You can adjust these settings in the “Basic Settings” menu on the tab “General” in the category “Newsletter”.

    false sets the field “Newsletter” to “Cancellation”.

  • Corresponding activities with the action type “Newsletter->ordered”, “Newsletter->not ordered” or “Newsletter->sent Double Opt-In” are written into the adress activities.

    You can find more information about newsletters in our online help.

Example: Newsletter registration

	"actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:do",
	"resourceid": "149",
	"identifier": "",
	"resourcetype": "registerNewsletter",
	"parameters": {
            "register": true