Search criteria

Resource type: searchcriterias

Returns all search criteria (fields + values) for a list of addresses or search criteria, depending on the mode parameter.


  • mode
    Type of transmitted IDs. Possible values: internal, external, searchcriteria
    – internal: Returns the search criteria of the specified addresses. You specify the address via the internal address ID (field record number/Datensatznummer).
    – external: Returns all search criteria of the specified addresses. Here the external address numbers are used. (field client no./KdNr. Not recommended, as the external address numbers do not have to be unique.)
    – searchcriteria: Returns the search criteria for specified search criteria IDs.

  • ids
    Array of IDs

Example: Reading out search criteria via search criteria ID

	"actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:get",
	"resourceid": "",
	"identifier": "",
	"resourcetype": "searchcriterias",


  • „field name“
    Name of the search field (key) with the corresponding values.
    Keys and values may differ depending on the search criteria field:
    Multiselect/singleselect: feldname : [wert_1,…, wert_n]
    Range of values (from-to fields): range_feldname : [wert_1, wert_2]
    Normal search criteria fields: feldname : wert
  • Range
    OPTIONAL. Special field, contains the following keys with the corresponding values: range_plz, range_ort, range_strasse, range_hausnummer, range, range_land, range_breitengrad, range_laengengrad
  • _meta
    • internaladdressid
      Internal address ID
    • externaladdressid
      External address ID (KdNr/Client no.)
    • kocriterias
      Array of field names marked as a knockout criterion of a search criterion.
    • advisor
      Advisor ID
    • creator
      Creator ID
    • creationdate
      Date of creation
    • editdate
      Date and time of last edit
    • status
      Status of the search criteria. 1, if active. 0, if inactive.
    • publicnote
      Public note (öffentliche Bemerkung) of the search criteria.
    • characteristic
      Characteristic(s) (Merkmal) of the search criteria. The following characteristics or combinations of them are possible: manual_saved, automatic_created, address_completion, deactivated_by_interested_person, automatic_deactivated