Resource type: estate

With this API call estates can be modified. If you use the multi-language module, you can write the estate language-dependent via the parameter estatelanguage.

Further information on the multi-language module is available here.

You can find more information about multilingual estates via API here.

In addresses, estates and other modules you can set relations like e.g. tenant, buyer, owner, contact person, estate units etc. These relations are not queried and set via estate or address calls, but this information is queried or set via the API calls “Create, Modify, Delete and Get relations”.


  • data
    • „field name“ (individually)
      Name of the target field (key) and value to set (value).
    • benutzer
      INTEGER. Field “Betreuer” (“Support”). You need to specify the user ID to set “Betreuer”. The user id can be retrieved with the Read user call.
    • verkauft
      TINYINT(1) . Value 1 sets the field marketing status on value sold or rented, depending on the value of the field marketing method.
    • reserviert
      TINYINT(1) . Value 1 sets the field marketing status on value reserved.
    • Land
      country as ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 value
    • status
      TINYINT(1). “Active / Aktiv” = 1, “Pending / Inaktiv” = 2, “Archive / Archiviert” = 0.
  • estatelanguage
    STRING. Language in three capital letters according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-3. Only relevant when working with multilingual objects. Enter the ID of the main property as resourceid and the estatelanguage parameter to write in the appropriate language version of the property.

  • Beispiel: Modify estate