Resource type: estate

Creates a new estate record, if the user has the necessary rights. The parameter data of this action include all fields active in enterprise for estate records.

In addresses, estates and other modules you can set relations like e.g. tenant, buyer, owner, contact person, estate units etc. These relations are not queried and set via estate or address calls, but this information is queried or set via the API calls “Create, Modify, Delete and Get relations”. For more information on the relations of the multi-property module, which manages property complexes, see here.


  • data
    • (individually)
    • benutzer
      INTEGER. Field “Betreuer” (“Support”). You need to specify the user ID to set “Betreuer”. The user id can be retrieved with the Read user call.
    • verkauft
      TINYINT(1). Value 1 sets the field marketing status on value sold or rented, depending on the value of the field marketing method.
    • reserviert
      TINYINT(1). Value 1 sets the field marketing status on value reserved.
    • If neither verkauft or reserviert are set, marketing status will be set to open.
    • status
      TINYINT(1). “Active / Aktiv” = 1, “Pending / Inaktiv” = 2, “Archive / Archiviert” = 0.
    • land
      country as ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 value


        "actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:create",
        "resourceid": "",
        "identifier": "",
        "resourcetype": "estate",
        "parameters": {
            "data": {
                "objektart": "haus",
                "nutzungsart": "wohnen",
                "vermarktungsart": "kauf",
                "objekttyp": "einfamilienhaus",
                "plz": 52068,
                "ort": "Aachen",
                "land": "DEU",
                "regionaler_zusatz": [
                "nebenkosten": 100,
                "heizkosten": 80,
                "mietpreis_pro_qm": 12,
                "wohnflaeche": 75,
                "anzahl_zimmer": 3,
                "anzahl_schlafzimmer": 1,
                "anzahl_badezimmer": 1,
                "breitengrad": "50.7762106",
                "laengengrad": "6.0857545",
                "heizungsart": [
                "stellplatzart": [
                "kaufpreis": 200000


  • id
    The ID of the new estate record