DEPRECATED, use the new call for Modify files.

Resource type: file

With this API call you can modify file information for files of the modules properties, addresses, agents log and tasks.

By specifying the file ID (fileId), file information such as filename, free text, type of file, file title, etc. are changed.

A title image (Titelbild) can only be present once per property.
If the parameter Art for a file is set to Titelbild, then the old title image gets the file type Foto.


  • fileId
    file ID
  • language
  • Art
    type of file. Possible values: Foto, Grundriss, Lageplan, Titelbild, LOGO, Expose, Aushang, Mietaufstellung, Dokument, Foto_gross, Link, Panorama, Banner, Stadtplan, Film-Link, QR-Code, Energieausweis, Epass_Skala, Ogulo-Link, Objekt-Link, Anzeigen, Finanzierungsbeispiel
  • title
    file title
  • freetext
    free text
  • documentAttribute
    document attribute (Dokumentenmerkmal)

Example: Modify a file

 	"actionid": "urn:onoffice-de-ns:smart:2.5:smartml:action:modify",
 	"resourceid": null,
 	"resourcetype": "file",
 	"identifier": "378602F9-181E-4DF0-AD19-01CA87E0ED79",
 	"parameters": {
 	 	"title": "Objekt1234",
 	 	"freetext": "Bild von Objekt 025 Innenansicht",
 	 	"documentAttribute": "document_expose",
 	 	"fileId": 586

If successful, the response will be success.