First Steps

To use the onOfficeAPI, you can use the onOffice SDK (Software Development Kit). It contains code to generate API requests.

The onOffice SDK is available for download here: onOfficeSDK.
The SDK is also available on GitHub.

Please read and follow the license conditions and the readme file. The SDK is under the MIT license and is a generous open source license. It allows reuse of the SDK for both open-source and closed-source software.

As a template for your API requests the PHP file “example.php” is contained in the SDK, which you can customize for your own queries.

In the SDK, you specify an API request in PHP array notation, as in the example example.php for reading estate data.

This code is converted to regular JSON and executed.
That means if you use our SDK, the JSON API requests must be rewritten to PHP.

If you do not use the onOffice SDK for your API requests, you must additionally specify a timestamp and an HMAC code for each request. This information are described in more detail in in the action elements Overview . When using the onOffice SDK, this information is being generated automatically and does not have to be specified.